Vintage Franklin County​, Pennsylvania

Rich in History – Passionate About Our Heritage!

About Us, and Our Passion for Regional History

For more than 40 years I have researched and followed the movement of local paper memorabilia from owner to owner and within the national collector community. I have also been asked on many occasions, to authenicate and verify items of local interest dating as far back as the Founding of Chambersburg and before.

In addition to being raised in a family of local history collectors, my background includes authoring a series of books about Chambersburg and the many facets of its local history – ranging from the early days of the Cumberland Valley Railroad (CVRR), the beginnings and growth of the local fire service and its apparatus, the community's role in abolition and John Brown's stay here while planning his famous raid on the Federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry WV, the Burning of the town in 1864 on orders of Confederate General John McCausland, and its re-birth.

Now I am able to share with others these priceless images which are so much a part of our local history. By helping keep our local heritage alive, our many unique traditions and sense of "who we are" can remain with us forever.

Take a few moments to look through our site, and see many of the historic images I have become known for.

Look for me at historic meetings, seminars and conferences regarding regional history. I have authored several books on history here in the Cumberland Valley so if you're interested in learning more, just look for any of my books at a bookseller near you.