Life as it once was – in a kinder, gentler, and more civil way, some may say.
Looking back in history, the Views of Yesterday provide a 'Window to History', reflecting both the local as well as national news of days past.

Here, through photographs, postcards and commercial art illustrations we can see the work of the proverbial butcher or baker – as well as the trolley car conductor, the local dry goods merchant, and members of the local volunteer fire companies dressed in their finest.

We see and can now appreciate even more, the great architecture and landmarks throughout the region, which shaped and influenced day-to-day hometown activity here in the Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania.

There are many such photos and postcards to view and select from. What you see here is merely a sampling provided for public interest to provide a 'patchwork quilt' of Life as it once was.

The purchase of an original collectible provides a true sense of owning a real and tangible piece of history that you can hold in your hands or share with a younger child, in relating the stories and tales that are passed down through family, time and history. A high quality reproduction is available for lesser cost, and offers you a more cost-effective way of assembling your own personal collection of local historical highlights.

The early National Garage, just west of The Square in Chambersburg, when many residents did not have the means to afford the luxury of an automobile. Promoted on the exterior sign is the fact they offer 'Fire Proof' protection for your valuable car!

​​Chambersburg had a seemingly long love affair with horse-powered transportation!
Pictured below is the delivery wagon, driver and horse of the Chambersburg Steam Laundry, operated by the Hager Brothers. 

(This photo was taken on Grant Street, looking towards the present-day T.B. Woods facility, (near the railway highline).

Vintage Franklin County​, Pennsylvania

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Preserved Forever: Views of Yesteryear

Of course, as times changed, so too did the region's love and interest in automobiles and delivery trucks, like this Railway Express Agency (REA) truck, used to help promote Wrigley's new chewing gum: 'Fine For Digestion, Fine For Teeth.'

In the photo below, the majestic and stately crown jewel station of the Cumberland Valley Railroad is shown

in Chambersburg, just off Lincoln Way East at Penncraft Avenue.