Whether done in Sepia-tone or black-and-white – or colorized in the method of the 1950's – postcards 

always reflect the way Life used to be in a more easy-going and simpler time.

In a day and age when mail was delivered locally twice a day, it was the norm to write to friends and family 
about daily happenings, trips downtown, or family members who had entered the service.

Here are just a few early postcards that provide the best glimpses we have, into the lives of our ancestors.
 These images literally became an early version of a 'Post-It' note, for several generations of townspeople.

Our collection includes many images of bi-planes, fire apparatus, local citizens of prominence, and many scenic views and vistas – long hidden from view or destroyed by the ravages of Time. 

While the images are often incredible from a preservationist standpoint, the writings and comments on the reverse are often more endearing.

The purchase of an original provides a true sense of owning a piece of history, while a high-quality  

reproduction is available for lesser cost and is a more cost-effective way to begin assembling your own

collection of local historical highlights. 

Vintage Franklin County​, Pennsylvania

Rich in History – Passionate About Our Heritage!

    Postcards and Images of the Region